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AWS - Blade 650 Digital Scale 650g x 0.01g

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The perfect scale for measuring stones, spices, medicine, herbs, jewels, coins, and other small items weighing up to 650 grams. It features a digital LCD screen that is backlit for high visibility. This LCD screen is featured on a retractable display that swings out from beneath the scale. The scale has a stainless-steel measuring surface that is easy to clean. With the ability to convert between grams, ounces, carats, and grains, this scale is extremely versatile. 

Key Features

  • Precisely measures anywhere from 0.1 grams to 650 grams
  • This mini food scale is perfect for travel and can fit in your bag
  • Easily converts between grams, ounces, carats, and grains
  • Backlit LCD makes numbers viewable and easy to read 
  • High-precision sensors to get an accurate measurement every time
  • The display retracts beneath the scale making storage easy
  • The stainless-steel surface makes cleaning up easy
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